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Spuffy with Bite

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All Members , Moderated
Hello! Welcome to the Bloodshedverse's LJ community. We are opening this up on an unmoderated status for now. So please play nice and we won't have to moderate it!

The Bloodshedverse is a spuffy fanfiction site that only features fic where Spike is and behaves like a vampire, because well, he is. More rules and whatnot to come, but we'll leave it at this for now.

  • Any related fic updates you may have

  • Questions regarding website/lj layouts

  • Artwork (please post artwork under a LJ cut and put artwork in the subject line)

  • Banner requests *see below

  • Beta requests

  • Pretty much anything if it relates to the fandom or the BSV

Not Allowed:
  • Rudeness

  • Any updates and/or fics which feature a human Spike

  • Any updates and/or fics which feature real living people as major characters (i.e. actors from the show)

  • Any posts/comments of a truly personal nature. You should have your own personal journals and can post there.

Authors not currently archived at the Bloodshedverse are requested to send their submissions to the moderators before posting.

Any post/fic/comment deemed inappropriate will be subject to deletion

Banner Requests
Please include...
  1. the pixel size that you want for the banner.

  2. let the artist know how much of a spoiler (of your fic) that the banner can contain.

  3. any color schemes that you prefer

  4. make sure that you include the exact name that you want in the byline

There is no guarantee that every banner request will be met.