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Birthday [08 Jun 2013|04:04pm]

Happy birthday to our fearless leader! Hope you have a great day, Dia! diabola79
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What's up with the site? [02 Mar 2013|06:58am]

[ mood | confused ]

It's like the site has disappeared! I tried a few different browers and it still doesn't work.

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Site not working [14 Sep 2009|06:57pm]

Nothing is working on the site except the forum
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If the BSV is not working properly for you: [26 Aug 2009|06:55pm]

Delete your cookies!

No, I don't know where the problem came from, but it escalated to the site not opening at all, and getting rid of the cookies fixed everything, including the non-working forms.

OK, looks like the cookies thing was just weird timing on my part. The site is working again all on its own...
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[16 Aug 2009|02:33pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Is it just me or is BSV not loading atm? :(

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Is Bloodshed down? [25 May 2009|01:16pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I am getting an error when I try to bring up BloodShedverse.  Is anyone else having problems?

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We're back! [23 Apr 2009|11:52am]

Thanks to the ever wonderful diabola79, the Bloodshedverse is back in business.

Chaps with the missing text can be edited and the text will now remain, and new stories are posting properly.
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Site Status [20 Apr 2009|10:21am]

Can anyone tell me what the site status is over at Bloodshedverse? Can we post there? Can we read what others have posted?
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BSV trouble?? [06 Mar 2009|10:13pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Has anyone been able to get into BSV board today?  I keep getting Page Error

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Spuffy MVID - Die for You (Buffy's P.O.V.) [17 Nov 2008|12:57am]
A tribute to the Spuffy relationship from Buffy's P.O.V.. It shows that even though Buffy hates Spike, she can't help but give into her feelings for him.

Edited On : Avid Media Composer
Song By : Megan McCauley - Die For You

Please remember to choose "watch in high quality" after clicking the YouTube link

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Spuffy MVID - Breaking Inside (Shinedown) [14 Nov 2008|06:39pm]
In this video, Buffy dies in battle leaving Spike heartbroken. When Buffy rises from the dead, Spike and Buffy must deal with their complicated love/hate type feelings for each other.

Edited on - Avid Media Composer
Song by - Shinedown "Breaking Inside

Please select "watch in high quality" after clicking the link..

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Artwork... [18 Aug 2008|08:04am]

I recently spent a day going through and actually organising all my artwork into my LJ Gallery--so if anyone is looking for inspiration for a story, interested in adopting a banner for an already written story, grabbing some icons, or just having a look, you can find it all HERE. Many of the banners also have matching FO banners and icons available if you are after an LJ layout.

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Big ol list of B/S Fic Recs [17 Aug 2008|11:54am]

My own personal B/S Fic recs, right now, most of them are really old, but are also the most amazing stories i've ever read. Alot of these stories i've read over and over again over the yearas, and have never gotten sick of. So i'll be editting this alot, and putting it in my new and old favorites. Enjoy! (Newest Fics are in Bold, ultimate favorite fics are marked with a ***. Right now, these are all the ones I have at BSDiaries, that I gave an editor's pick to. There are so many more I don't have at BSD that i'll be adding here. I'll probably be starting with Gems, a quality fic link site I started a couple years ago, that I just found at archive.org ( Here definetly worth a look, alot of amazing forgotten gems there.

Collapse )
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Once More With Feeling tribute (Spuffy) [01 Jul 2008|10:27pm]
A DVD HQ 90 second tribute to the musical episode of BTVS "Once More With Feeling". The video features a few happy moments between Tara/Willow, great Spuffy moments, and a lot of cool dancing moves from all the characters. Just a fun overall tribute showing off the different aspects of the episode. I wanted to post this here for Spuffy fans..

Edited on Final Cut Pro
Set to - Never Gonna be The Same Again from the Teen Witch OST

Make sure to choose the high quality option for better viewing experience after clicking the YouTube link..

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Down - and back [12 Apr 2008|05:28pm]

Like alwaysjbj said, the site is down at the moment. The server itself seems to be fine (FTP works) as is the URL (ping). My guess would be that there is a problem with the webserver application, but that's not something I can fix or even test properly.

I've contacted the host and hopefully they'll be able to fix it soon. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

And we're back...
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Site problems [12 Apr 2008|05:13pm]

The site seems to be (mostly) down at the moment. It's currently night time for Dia, but I'm sure that when she wakes up she'll get it sorted out ASAP. So just keep checking back.
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gratuitous sex poll [24 Jan 2008|08:58pm]

As suggested in the forum, here the poll concerning sex-scenes in fic, and how many people read them.

Poll #1126774 Skipping smut

Do you (occasionally) skip over sex-scenes in a fic? We're talking about your normal everyday reading of course, not when you are specifically in the mood for smut and go out hunting for PWPs.

Yes, if the sex is gratious and disrupts the flow of the story.
Yes, if the story still makes sense without it. (Even if it wasn't really gratious.)
Yes, if it is gratious. (Even if it doesn't disrupt the flow.)
Yes, but only if it squicks me out. (Doesn't matter whether it's gratious, necessary, or whatever.)
Nope, I never skip anything in a story.
Nope, I like those scenes.
Skip? Are you crazy? Those scenes are the reason I read fanfic in the first place!
That really, really depends on the author and the quality of the writing.

ETA: We're of course talking about good or at least decent sex-scenes here. It goes without saying that if they suck, you'll either skip them or lol.

ETA2: Err, that should of course be "gratuitous", not "gratious" (thanks for letting me know, jnharrow). Dunno where I came up with that ridiculous spelling, but it looks like I can't edit a poll, so everyone feel free to have a good laugh please.
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Secret updates in the dark of the night... [16 Dec 2007|01:17pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Well, looks like they finally installed the PHP upgrade last night.

Not that I received any kind of warning or information, or even just an email "Hey, we did this, don't be surprised if your site is acting wonky". Nope, nothing! And I worked on the new layout last night, so of course when the site didn't show this morning, first thing I thought was that I had messed up. Tried graphics and different sub-pages, booted Shuttle to try a different browser, deleted cookies to try and see if the old skin still works, logged into our account with the host to see if there was any info to have there, .... Took me about half an hour to remember that they announced an upgrade for Nov 1st that never happened; checked, and voila, PHP5.

Sorry about the rant, but I'm slightly pissed. Was quiet all this time, but you bet that they get an email this time. How hard can it be so send out an announcement before they start installing upgrades?

EDIT: Looks like the template class was the only part that had problems. It's fixed now, I hope. If you notice anything not working anymore that worked before, please let me know.

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Still wonky [21 Nov 2007|09:00pm]

Yes, that's been going on since yesterday afternoon (MET). I've contacted our host and asked them what's going on, this is the reply I got:

We are aware of the intermittent problems with your mysql server; and are working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

So no upgrades or anything, just some server-trouble. We'll just have to live with it until they sort it out.

Until then, I suggest not typing up any lengthy comments or anything without copying the text into Notepad or Word or something for safekeeping. That way, if the database goes down at the wrong moment (between opening the form and hitting Send) you can simply copy&paste for the next try instead of typing everything up again.

Entry is copy&pasted from the News section on the site. I'm lazy AND busy, sue me. ;-)
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Wonky server [20 Nov 2007|07:38pm]

Access to the site seems to be mostly based on luck tonight. I have no notice concerning an upgrade or any maintenance work, so it's probably due to our host having some connection or server troubles. In case anyone is worried, those instances when it seems like the stories have disappeared are simply the result of the server containing the files being up/reachable, while the database server isn't. (Database and files are on two separate machines.)

I'm sorry about this, but there is really nothing I can do about it. If this isn't fixed by this time tomorrow, I'll send in a support-ticket; but chances are they are already working on the problem anyway, so I'll give them some time first.
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